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How to install fonts for gimp only (not other applications)
So, I love gimp, been using it for 6 years and I love using custom fonts I download.

The only time I use the downloaded fonts are for gimp. When I download the fonts, I install by going to control panel > personalisation > fonts. This means all my other programs get these custom fonts (like in Microsoft word or powerpoint) which is annoying.

How can I install fonts that are only seen and used on on GIMP, not my entire computer.

Windows 8.1
Gimp 2.8
Use ofnuts's 'Addon Manager'


You install fonts for Gimp only by putting the .TTF/.OTF files in the fonts directory in your Gimp profile.

You can also ut them in any directory, and add the directory to the set of directories Gimp looks up using Edit>Preferences>Folders>Fonts.

If you have lots of fonts, you can use my add-on manager to quickly add/remove groups of fonts to/from the set of Gimp fonts.

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