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How to make a "transparent" selection?
(09-30-2019, 01:00 PM)PoulpeEnCiel Wrote: Hello ! I recently started using GIMP 1.10.12, and I wondered if there was a way to make a selection with transparency.

For example, I need to apply a gradient on a text without disturbing the transparency of the edges.
I tried playing around with layer masks, but I wasn't getting the effet I wanted, but maybe I was using it wrong..?

Does anyone know how to achieve this kind of effect?

Thank you.

For this you don't use a selection at all. You just alpha-lock the layer (this is the checkerboard icon at the top of the Layers list), and then apply whatever pain you want (bucket, blend, brush...) without a selection(*). Due to the alpha lock the alpha-channel of pixels won't be changed: opaque pixels will remain opaque, and partially transparent pixels will remain partially transparent.

(*) unless you want to only paint part of the text. In particular, avoid alpha-to selection here, because this would make the edge pixels only partially changed. Assuming blue text and a 50% transparent pixel on the edge,  painting without selection will give you a 50% transparent red pixel, but painting with alpha-selection will produce a 50% transparent purple pixel.

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