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How to make shortcuts?
I am setting up Gimp for my mother to use in hopes that she can use it to fix scanned photos.
I am having trouble finding a way to create shortcuts for the following options :
Auto equalize
Auto white balance
Auto color enhance

Is there a way to do this, preferably adding buttons that will be easy to use.
You can create a keyboard shortcut to a function using Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts ( down bottom of the menu)

[Image: h8v4jFd.jpg]

There are more functions than keys, most keys are already taken. Disabled just means not assigned. Easy enough to change, including those already taken. You might (will) get a warning that the key is taken but you can change (re-assign) anyway.

For the functions you want I would narrow the choice down using the search facility top of the dialogue.

Something like this: screenshot

Which keys to choose? Any you like. Gimp will indicate if it is not possible - function keys for example. For a simple sequence A - S - D is convenient. I would avoid the bottom qwerty line z, x, c sometimes useful.

You might find that 'auto-equalize' and color-enhance' often not much use. Remember ctrl-z (undo) is your friend.
So there is no way to make icons for them in a dock?
(11-07-2019, 08:38 PM)1031982 Wrote: So there is no way to make icons for them in a dock?


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