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How to merge channels?
I'm doing a quick mask and kept "saving to channel" to make sure I wasn't losing anything, so I have 3 different channels now titled Quick Mask, Selection Mask copy, and Selection Mask copy #1. i imagine this must work like the layers where everytime you save a new channel it starts saving only on that one because it becomes the new selection, meaning the older channels don't have the new work on them (assuming you don't go out of your way to click back to older channels)? Although I'm testing out the channel visibilty and the only one that seems to have all the work on them is that original channel titled Quick Mask. The other 2 both look the same with seemingly nothing selected. Not sure why it looks this way. I guess I might as well delete the seemingly blank channels?

I'd still like to know though if there would be a way to merge them all, for future reference
Whenever you use Select > Save To Channel the currently active selection is saved to a channel. This selection can be retrieved by using the Replace the selection with this channel button on the channel dialogue.

There is also the option to add or subtract the channel from the currently active selection. (Right click on a channel)

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