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How to remove red patches of skin in GIMP?!
Browsing at random (on the fly?) I found the following question in another forum about Gimp:

Quote:"I want it exactly as you see in this 1 minute photoshop tutorial;

However there is no dropper selector for hue/saturation adjustment with GIMP. How would I best go about it with GIMP??"

In the comments, Master Pat David promptly indicated the solution,- what%20if%20the

But I decided to try using an approximation similar to the one used in the video, using a hue-saturation adjustment.

Here I detail my approach and the result obtained:

Initial Image
01- [Image: qFLhwLY.png]

Selection of the area to be changed
02- [Image: EQwf5Fi.png]

Adjust in Colors - Hue-Saturation... and used layer mask

With the mask selected, I made the path to selection and applied a feather of 20. Then with a brush at 30% opacity I brushed on the mask until I got something satisfactory.
03- [Image: CAAsNIt.png]

04- [Image: QSkgnNf.png]

The result obtained here serves only as a reference, since both the selection and the adjustments were made just for the sake of experimentation.
Samj PortableGimp 2.10.28 - Win-10 /64.

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