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I cannot find newly downloaded photos (jpgs) Solved
Photos I have downloaded,(I know they have downloaded because their file name is in the task bar) I cannot find on my computer.
I have been doing this forever and am reasonably well versed in knowing where I save them to and where to look for them. I also tried the download folder to no avail. Where could they be going?
Most of you would know I have a restoring site on Facebook and download and up load photos from there, (So I am allowed to download). Even after downloading them 2 , 3 times I cannot find one version. What could be happening?
Ps. I tried from another site and I could find the photo I downloaded.

Says ( When I did a search for todays files) their in the place where I thought they were but Gimp cannot find them. Nothing since 9 hours ago

By the way I have closed and restarted gimp

Use you windows explorer to search for them by name. If it locates them, keep that directory open in the explorer, then use File>Open in Gimp and navigate to that directory. If your explorer can't find them, no reason that Gimp would Smile

Also, Gimp looks at files on disk, and not at the artificial view slapped over it by Windows (for instance, the disk directory C:\Users\{your_id}\Documents appears as My documents (or Mes documents in you are French) in the file explorer. But normally the "Properties" tab gives you its actual location if needed.
I tried looking for them myself manually, where they would normally be and couldn't find them. The only way I found them was through today's 'file search'. I'll see if I can with the file name.

Gimp still isn't 'seeing' anything I have downloaded from facebook since 1:11am my time but things I have from other places it will. What I find really annoying is I can usually find stuff as soon as I have downloaded it.


What web-browser are you using?

On Firefox I have the option set to always ask me where to put downloads, so I always know where I've put them.

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