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I had 2.8 years ago, can I still get that version?
Years ago, I used a version that had halftone ability to images. I know there is newsprint in the newer versions but, I remember how easy it was with the old version which, color seperated too. Or, at least, was similar to color seperations.
Is that version still avaiable or can someone send me the file for that version.
Thanks in advance, working on DIY t-shirt designs..
Many of the Gimp 2.8 plugins do work with Gimp 2.10 Unfortunately newsprint.exe is not one of them. Just tried it in a Gimp 2.10.32 / Win10 and it throws up too many errors - it wants old versions dlls.

Best suggestion I can make is use a portable Gimp 2.8 from here:

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