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I have created a DIY-Calendar /& planner: how to resize it ?
hello dear all

i have created a do it yourself calendar - now i want to print it out in a formate like 15 cm x 10,5 cm

How to resize this with a libre-office programme!?


libre office file

love to hear from you
Gimp is not a LibreOffice application? So what is the real question?
good day,

 well its all about creating a DIY-Planer -

to be frank - it is not necesarily Libreoffice that is the way to go.

in other words: i think that i can use other tools too.

its all about the creation of a new formate of this DIY-Planer.

dear Ofnuts - i am pretty sure that you were able to help me.

love to hear from you
In my opinion, starting off at a custom size, your LO document is 29.7 cm x 10.5 cm - half a landscape A4 - then after 116 pages thinking about resizing is not the best way.

You can get something in Gimp but not the way to go.

Open the PDF at 300 ppi (the default is 100 ppi no good for quality)

Resize the canvas to 29.7 cm x 21.0 cm ( that is A4 size)

Scale the image down to 15 cm x 10.5

Gimp will not print one page per layer, so export to a PDF using this plugin this uses ImageMagick, easy to install since you are using linux.

What are the snags? Gimp is a raster editor, all the PDF pages are now png images = big size PDF

try this on: 38 MB

Need to print, use a PDF viewer: example
Did somebody say snacks ?    Tongue
hello dear all hello dear Espermachine and rich2015 and of course ofnuts,

great - many thanks for the answers. I am glad.

Thanks for sharing the ideas. I allways knew that gimp is one of the best tool in the world.

I will digg deeper into the problems of formats and printing

many many thansk for this great place of idea exchange.

i am glad to be here

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