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I made a fade-in fade-out effect for Gimp with GEGL
I was looking for a script or plug-in that could make fade-outs. I couldn't find one so made a batch script that uses GEGL.

[Image: GEGL-fade-out-demo.webp]

It needs "sudo apt install gegl"
I want to use this for animated objects with an alpha background but it also works with no alpha channel like above.
For an animated sequence of frames select the last 30 or the first 30 and export them with ofnuts 'Export all layers' to a folder.

On linux run the script in a terminal in the folder like this:

I also use 'pack linked layers', 'Rename layers' and 'Reverse/Mirror layers' to achieve this or to import and use the fade outs.
This script is a sledge hammer approach. It would be better in python with sliders and forward and backwards options.

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