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Iconify request
Hi, is it possible to feed Iconify a 256x256 image and then have it resized to 227x179 ( whichever is the biggest 227 or 179 ) and then go on with the rest of the Iconify calculations ?

Currently what I do is create a 256x256px canvas, add the image as a new layer and then scale that layer to match 227 or 179 according to the image proportions. That is what works well with Windows 11.

You have me lost again Wink

What size are the images you want as windows .ico files ? Can you post a new example ?

I think your work flow is the wrong way round.

1. Scale the image with width & height linked so that either 227 (w) or 179 (h) is correct.
2. Change the Canvas size to 256 x 256 and center the image in the canvas.
3. Apply the iconify.scm (mod no autocrop) script.

I am doing exactly the way you mentioned. Smile

Simply looking for ways to automate it. Because I draw in Inkscape 256x256 canvas. So the output image is mostly 256x256

Quote:What size are the images you want as windows .ico files ? Can you post a new example ?

The current output of iconify works great as far as I know. I am hoping to see an auto-resize and centering of what Inkscape gives me.

Edit :

I have added 2 files, GIMP.png is the Inkscape output and GIMP 256.png is the Iconify input. Thanks.

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I think I see. You want a script to resize + add or change canvas size + produce a multi-layer .ico image ?

You need someone to write the script for you ?

I do not know of such a script / plugin
Ok. Now I think of it, it is a very less use case scenario. Also, I thought it would be a single line tweak in the current Iconify script.

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