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After a lot of testing and I hope I have done nothing wrong or forgotten: Get Indexprint V3.34 working in Gimp 2.10.18 within Ubuntu/Mint 20.04 so the details.

With package manager
- install Gimp (2.10.18)
- install libglade2-0

Python package is already installed, so don't install but as python2.
- sudo apt install python2.7

These two packages are also already installed but you have to install them again. It will correct pyhton-is-python2 problem
- sudo apt install python python-cairo python-gobject-2

Downloaded some gimp-python packages
- wget
- wget
- wget

and install them
- sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Everything should be installed now without errors.

Download and unpack Indexprint-v3.34
Copy and the dir indexprint into the plugin directory of Gimp (~/.config/Gimp/2.10/plugins/)

Make executable

Now we have to make a modification to an Indexprint file.
Open the directory indexprint
Inside these directory you will find, open it (double click in file manager)

About line 32 you see version history. Just add after the ''' the following or add before import math on a new line:
- import os
- import sys
You can save and close the file now.

In the old python it was not necessary to add these two lines.

Starting Gimp you will see Indexprint in the File menu. You can start Indexprint now.

As far as I know there is a bug with pyexiv2: pyexiv2 must be installed but.... fortunatly Indexprint runs for me without pyexiv2 installed. But you are be warned.

Installing pyexiv2:
For pyexiv2 we have first to install
- libboost-python v1.46.1
- libexiv2-11
but I haven't found these old packages. So installing pyexiv2 stucks.

After installing these two packages you can install pyexiv2.
- wget

and install pyexiv2
- sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Happy Gimping
No way found to get indexprint working...
First, using linux, does your installation have a working python ? No python no then .py plugin.

With python working.
Indexprint v3, even with the little "import sys" mod, the plugin fails in the associated module. I do not know how to fix that. The Development version even worse, that requires a Glade installation (more bloat) and no guarantee that it works.

What is possible. The older sort of works, it can crash depending on settings and will finish with an error message. Example kubuntu 20.04 / Gimp 2.10.32 (from PPA)

A better non-Gimp option.
XnViewMP has a contact sheet filter. You do have to set up the page size, margins,..etc but settings are remembered. Example kubuntu 20.04 / XnViewMP appimage
Indexprint V4.00 works in Gimp v2.10.32 in Xubuntu 20.04.4

There is no need to install the package Glade but you need gimp-python

1. you have to check ../.config/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins/Indexprint_GTK2/errorlog/ there should be no error log
2. If there is another problem start Gimp in a terminal, start Indexprint and exit. Post the output here.
Quote:There is no need to install the package Glade but you need gimp-python

not what it says here

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