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Insert image on screen - Remove fingers
Hello everyone,

I successfully inserted a print screen in a tablet screen. The only thing that bothers me are the hands of the person that holds the tablet. I just want the image I inserted to be under the person's hands. How can I do this? Could you pls walk me through the process (I'm completely new to Gimp so I need pretty straight forward/easy directions pls :Smile)

Thank you!
1. Your tablet image and the image to be added must be on separate layers. The tablet below, the other image above.

2. On the top (image) layer: Right click on the layer in the layers dialogue and select Add Layer Mask. Accept the default "White (full opacity)"

3. Make sure the layer mask is active by clicking on it in the layers dialogue.

4. Now use a paint brush with a round brush hardness 1.00 and only use black and white colours to do the painting. Paint with black to reveal the fingers. Paint with white if you have painted too much black. Continue painting with black and white until you are happy.

See attached sample xcf. Click on the eye image in the layers dialogue to hide and unhide layers.

Attached Files
.xcf   TabletImage_1.xcf (Size: 430.81 KB / Downloads: 30)
much the same as Blighty but some screenshots

You need to use a layer mask.


You might start off with something like this (my tablet is upstairs, my knee hurts so this is my phone Smile )

If you added some sort of image but did not keep it as a layer, then start again. Get to this:

Add a layer mask, click in the layer mask icon to make it active. In the canvas, paint black to uncover, make a mistake paint white to correct. It is your masterpiece, take your time:
Thanks for the quick replies, can't wait to try it!

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