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Installation Problem
I would like to run GIMP on a Dell desktop equipped with Windows 10 Pro. GIMP does quirky things from time to time. For example. Just now I ran Dell Support Assist, thinking to keep my computer clean and neat and all tuned up. Soon as Dell Support Assist booted GIMP started to re-install! I stopped GIMP from re-installing. When Dell Support Assist finished. I checked on GIMP. GIMP is gone! Disappeared! Is this dangerous? Advice? Suggestions?
GIMP dosnt do quirky things from time to time, it is users who do the quirky things Wink

A quick search ( - fixed) and by implication there is a whitelisting faciity, see if you can find that and add Gimp. Is there a Dell forum for questions ?

If you get the Windows Gimp installer from then that source is safe. Reinstall Gimp.

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