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Installing GAP (4.9.3) Gimp-GAP Gimp 2.10
I've never installed a plugin before and the videos I have seen for it all are over 3 years old and do not have the folder layout or explain how to get GAP to work with Gimp.  I have searched a bit here and I'm either not typing in the right criteria or not searching hard enough.

GAP is installed but I seem to need to get the folders and files into the GIMP one.   Thank you for any help and glad to be here.

I am using:

Windows 7
Gimp 2.10.6
GAP 4.9.3
I was wondering if I'd missed some new update or something when I saw GAP 4.9.3 (the GAP versions I had were 2.6 and 2.7) but I see that GAP is for something completely different - "GAP (Groups, Algorithms, Programming) is a system for computational discrete algebra".

GAP is old and sadly hasn't been updated for a long time. I think most people use it with an old version of GIMP like 2.6 - I'll leave it up to the experts around here to confirm - but I have it installed in a portable version of 2.8 and still occasionally use some of the functions like the videoencoder. It won't work with 2.10, I tried when 2.10 first came out out of interest.

I have a 64bit installation of GIMP 2.10 for regular use and use the portableapps version of 2.8 (32 bit) for any use of ancient plugins like this. I would suggest you do something similar. Then you can get GAP from here (from what I remember, perhaps there is a slightly newer version if you do a search):

PS: If you have problems getting GAP to work it's worth mentioning what you plan on doing with it as there may be scripts or other apps people can recommend. For example, I wouldn't use GAP to extract frames from a video as virtualdub is far better. The animstack tools in GIMP are also very useful for putting together animations, depending on what you want to do, while if you are after something in particular there are experts (and scripters) around here who could probably help.
The "updated" ( 2.7) files are here: This is a 7zip package, which Windows users usually do not have an unpacker, so I repackaged as a plain zip file here:  36 MB

For Gimp 2.10 installation, because of the way folders are now recognised as plug-ins (not going to work with GAP) my advice is add the Gap folders explicitly to the plug-ins/scripts paths in Edit -> Preferences -> Folders

It might go like this: 


Unzip the zip (In Windows, click on the zip to open it) That gives a folder GAP27. Put that folder in User\your-name\ 

Now you have to add to the Gimp Folders paths. Edit -> Preferences -> Folders


For the plugins: Select the Plug-ins entry
1. Click on the add a new folder icon
2. Click on the Open a file selector... icon
3. Browse for the User\your-name\Gap27\plug-ins folder
4. Ok that which should get you....
5. A new entry in the paths list
6. Some time you will have to OK that either now or after adding the scripts path.

For the scripts: Select the Scripts entry


Exactly the same procedure as the plugins.
OK that, restart Gimp for the extra paths to take effect.


That gives a new menu entry Video. How much of GAP now works is debatable. Expect some functions not to work.
[Image: VscJ8FT.jpg  ] Well that failed but Im a bit closer than I was before

[Image: ZHQ3Syn.jpg]
Should I use an older version of GIMP?

Or if I didn't read correctly, is there something better than GAP I can plug in to GIMP for GIF creation?

Actually, I'm an idiot and didnt listen to Zorba.  Let me get an older version of GImp and give this a try.

Sorry for the late replies

Well I downloaded and installed the latest version of GIMP 2.8, followed your steps, and it worked!
[Image: yy80inc.jpg]

Thank you all for your patience and help.
Good to hear. If you're making gifs I find the animstack tools for GIMP very useful as well. Very handy for repetitive tasks, adding text, foreground/background, rolling one animation into another etc, even if you just use a couple of the more basic commands.

Video showing the basics:

Download and documentation:

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