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Installing Photoshop filters/plug-ins in GIMP

I'm running gimp 2.10.20 on a Windows 10 pro machine.

I recently tried to upgrade a set of filters/plug-ins that I have been using successfully for a while.

I followed the instructions to tell gimp where to find plug-ins and send a message to say that the new folder and being recognised and will be saved.

I closed the gimp started it again and recognised performed and displayed the plug-ins/filters.

When I tried to apply filter to an image and image it did not work..

I would be grateful for any ideas on how to fix this


What are the path to your plugin? screenshot about your Edit > "prefences" > path to the plugin folders? (there is 2 folders)
What type of plugins? .scm or .py?
Which plugins? Name? path in the GIMP's menu?
What do you call it did not work ? does it throw an error?

Which PS plugin did you upgrade ?

The background

You can run some old PS .8bf plugins using an equally ancient Gimp plugin PSPI You can get the plugin here:

I did try this just recently in a Win10 / Gimp 2.10.28 and providing the plugin is compatible (pspi is 32 bit and the .8bf are to suit) and it still works.

You might find some suitable filters from the links here.

Gimp is not the only application for these old filters, Irfanview and the old Win XnView can also run them.

If you are thinking about something a bit more recent like the (monster that is) Nik Collection then this is really a stand-alone application with a .8bf PS launcher. Then easiest way is install the Partha version of Gimp, together with the large Nik application files.. The Partha version contains the Gimp plugin launcher. Last time I tried I found Nik very flakey.

Often no need to use pspi, you can usually get the same effect from one of the 570 filters using the gimp_gmic_qt plugin.

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