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Installing Third Party plugins in GIMP
I am new to the forum and new to GIMP.
I tried researching the subject of how to install plugins in GIMP, but every tutorial I could find was in reference to GIMP plugins only—plugins designed specifically for GIMP. Can anyone tell me if third party plugins can be installed in GIMP? Specifically, I am wanting to use Topaz Photo AI as a plugin in GIMP.

I know how to find the GIMP plugins folder, but I don’t know which part of the Topaz Photo AI folder to put in there.
A "plug-in" is meant to plug into something, and so to have the right shape of plug (USB-C vs HDMI, for instance) and be able to handle the flow of data (USB protocol vs HDMI protocol). As far as I can tell from their Web page, they can work as a plugin with Adobe products and that's it (even if they say "You can use Topaz Photo AI either as standalone software, or directly from most photo editors.", which is a bit preposterous).

It appears that you can use the Topaze product as an independent application., and there is a Gimp plugin that can start another application on a Gimp layer. I don't have it, but I'm sure that Rich will come along and take it out of his treasure chest.
Thank you Ofnuts for your reply.

I get it. You saved me a lot of time trying.

The 'shellout .py' thing you mentioned sounds interesting . . .
I am very doubtful if photo AI will work with Gimp.  As Ofnuts mentioned there is a plugin 'shellout'. No need to go into the basics, it is used by the Partha compiled Gimp for various older Topaz filters, if you have them installed, but not for photo AI.

I have downloaded the the trial photo AI (700 MB installer) and installed with much downloading from Topaz, an installation that is only 1.2 GB - bloat Wink

From the photo AI desktop shortcut I can see what executable that calls. Not working here, I can see it calling home, internet activity, nothing happens, probably my Win10 VM is not compatible, not able to test anything.

You can try the attached, a modified Partha plugin. Unzip and put in your plugins folder. It registers in the Filters menu. Might / might-not work. 

Do not complain if it does not work, pay your $199 for Topaz and probably $20 / month for PS.

You might want to look at the Gimp gmic plugin which has some good filters for de-noising up-scaling but certainly not Quote from Topaz "Maximize your image quality on AutoPilot" - no comment.

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Thank you Rich for going to the trouble researching this. I have to admit I am reluctant to try some of these convoluted type installations. I am scared of making a mess of things.

I have actually already paid for the Topaz Photo AI, and as a hobbyist/novice I am quite happy with the results most of the time. It is just that sometimes a photo can appear over-processed, like it has been air brushed, and so for these situations I thought if I had the original photo on another layer I could blend the processed image with the original image and get a more natural looking result. But, of course, I need a program like GIMP that has layers to so this.

Won’t be renting Photoshop at $20 a month for the rest of my life, so I guess I will just keep using Photo AI as a standalone. I might take a look at the GIMP gmic plugin that you mentioned, Rich, for those cases where Topaz Photo AI overcooks the image.

Thank you again

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