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Iridiscent Effect, is it impossible with Gimp?
I have been trying to iridescent effect to this grey suit.
does anyone know if it can be dont with gimp and if so could you please aplly it to the following images.
and of course teach me oh wise ones!!

[Image: YGG5GgI]
[Image: CoMDzpK]
[Image: oM8o98X]

I would to apply this effect
[Image: ESEUXWt]

Apparently you cant add images the easy way on the forum Angry

and again this is the effect I would like to be able to replicate
You might get something with Alien Map. Colors -> Map -> Alien Map  Mainly because of the grey base.


You need to separate the area using free select or scissors. Copy then Edit -> Paste As -> New Layer in Place (1)
Then some settings in Alien Map (2). Note the blending option drop down menu (3) LCH Color.
Once you get some settings that work (4) you can save as a preset and apply to other images.

Another solution would be to put a gradient on a transparent layer After selecting the area (1-2), blur a bit the gradient (Filters > Gaussian Blur)
Then play with the layers' modes and opacity (3) to your liking (Screen/multiply/Overlay are good hint),
Optional, with the Eraser tool erase where you don't like/want the colors (or use a mask)


(02-04-2024, 11:51 AM)mariah701 Wrote: EDIT:
Apparently you cant add images the easy way on the forum Angry

You did not post an image, when the forum asked you the link to an image, it was not a link to an image you did input > but a link to a webpage (containing that image)

Another way to post an image >
The Chroma layer mode seems to do the trick. Copy the place you want coloured. Desaturated it, then use any plain colour or gradient - dimpled shape and last of all use the chroma layer mode. You will end up with a cyan - purple look
Then you could try changing opacity of the top layer if you wish.

Here is one I did on a desaturated pattern. Only worked on the star so maybe you need to bump it first. The pattern with a lilac layer, chroma mode make a iridescent star


Just realized. Wouldn't that picture be a copyright picture?

(02-06-2024, 07:30 AM)sallyanne Wrote: Just realized. Wouldn't that picture be a copyright picture?

You can use the attached ZIP file [unzipped] as a preset for the COLORS menu CURVES option to add an iridescent effect to an image.

.zip (Size: 2.18 KB / Downloads: 12)

If you need help at a particular stage, please let me know and I'll send by private message a [tediously] detailed set of step-by-step instructions for installing and using the attachment.

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