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Is there a xsane-gimp plugin for Mac OS X

Struggling to find if the xsane-plugin exists for Gimp 2.10.

I have Gimp 2.10 on Mac OS X Sierra (but can use 2.8 back also, when nedded).
Installed xsane with homebrew

But I can't find the xsane-gimp plugin.

Any clue would be warmly welcomed!
Not many (very-very-few) OSX users visit this forum.

According to Partha Bagchi, not possible, and he compiles Gimp for OSX see

That is a forum mirror of the Gimp developer mailing list and from two years ago. Things might have changed.

The mailing list is the best place to ask the question.
I just posted in their IRC channel.

And by the way, the Partha website you mentionned looks interesting... As OS X doesn't seem to be the best supported OS for Gimp, maybe should I install a VM somewhere!

cheers for now
Someone in the gimp-dev mailing list explained that support for TWAIN has been removed from Mac two years ago and that proper scanner support for OS X would come "pretty soon". But havn't been able to see what happened then.

I will use another OS for scanning tasks with Gimp until something appears.

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