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Is this Photoshop workflow reproducible?
Hey all, so there's something that I've always done a LOT in photoshop for many of my youtube thumbnails, and blog images etc. 

I'll often get an image that I Want to extend the width of without changing the pespective. 

So I'd increase the canvas width on one side of the image, then highlight that empty region, then use content aware fill. 

Like in this image:

But I can't use resynthesizer for this purpose - it seems only useful for remving an object from an image, not filling in an empty space based on its surroundings. 

Any ideas on this?
In such a simple image I select a part as big as possible from the left side with the three bars and rescale the selection to the left (only horizontal scale).

There is a similar plugin to heal-selection, heal-transparency which might work in some circumstances but for your example, not really.
The quickest way is a straight selection -> copy -> paste. Move the floating selection over (shift + keyboard left arrow moves quickly) Repeat the ctl-v, shift + arrow key, to fill the empty area. The whole thing takes a couple of seconds.

A content aware type plugin. One of the gmic filters in the Repair section. This uses a painted in mask. Default is red, had to change to green for your example & constrained with a selection. Applying settings as shown: Gives a result like this:

Of course depends how keen you are, Basic Gimp, extending the gradient, becomes a judgement call on end colour:

Edit: Ah..linux gmic_gimp for linux compilations are IMHO a bit flaky at the moment (the one I used is compiled for my old homespun appimage. If using a flatpack then not going to work. Regular installations then there are two zips here: one for debian sid and one for 'buntu cosmic (Why no other versions I do not know)
Thanks a lot for the responses guys,

So on such a simple image, yes the simple slice copy/paste would work - But often the images aren't so simple - There are ways I could achieve the outcome I want, but I was hoping there was an obvious solution that would work as quickly as my workflows are already in need of being slim-lined as possible.

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