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Issues scaling image down
Hi everyone, my first post here. Was wondering if people could help me, I'm not very technically adept but am learning as I go. I'm trying to downsize an image so it fits within a template. The image size in question is A LOT bigger than the template I am trying to insert it into. When I go to rescale it to something smaller the colour becomes a more washed out, almost as if the saturation has been altered? I've tried to used all the different interpolation options to no avail.

Thank you for any help you can give.
How many colors before/after, as reported by Color>Info>Color cube analysis. And do the histograms look the same?

It could a psycho-sensory illusion, we don't process large images as we do the small ones.

Otherwise, scaling down introduces a slight blur and you can restore some of the initial sharpness with Filters>Enhance>Sharpen (unshapr mask). You saturation problem is more likely a contrast problem, you can boost the contrast a bit with Brightness-Contrast

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