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Iwarp tool - woking with preview window
Hi All

I wish to give smile to myself in a picture (the pic. extension is now xcf). I thought to work with Iwarp tool to get this. But the picture is small in preview window. I searched the Internet to find solution. The solution I found was to: first use select tool and then the selected area will fill the preview window's space. - That is not true. The pic. in preview window is as small as in original picture (please see the picture below to see what I get). What can I do to enlarge picture in  that preview window? 

[Image: gimppng_qqwqrxx.png]

The preview window is a fixed size embedded in the plugin code. You can not make it larger unless you recompile the code.

Using a selection fills that small window, makes it easier to use. It is a bit picky about the selection - just experiment.

example: linux / Gimp 2.8

Alternative using gimp_gmic_qt plugin
Thanks rich2005, but how to install that plugin? I tried "apt search ^gimp" and I was only able to find "gimp-gmic" - I installed that and in filter menu I only have "G'MIC" - I can open it but then I do not have "Warp" under "deformation".

apt search ^gimp returns:

gimp-gap/bionic 2.6.0+dfsg-5ubuntu1 amd64

  animation package for the GIMP

gimp-gluas/bionic 0.1.20-1.1build1 amd64
  Lua environment plug-in for GIMP

gimp-gmic/bionic,now 1.7.9+zart-4build3 amd64 [installed]
  GREYC's Magic for Image Computing - GIMP Plugin

gimp-gutenprint/bionic 5.2.13-2 amd64
  print plugin for the GIMP

gimp-help-ca/bionic,bionic 2.8.2-0.1 all
  Documentation for the GIMP (Catalan)

What is the name of that plugin to install? Looks like it is not gimp-gmic
Using 'buntu 18.04 (bionic) gmic site:

For Gimp 2.8 this one should work

edit: a quick check and the one I am using is this: (vague memories of the 'buntu one not working)

Unzip, put gmic_gimp_qt in ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins Comes from this page

the plugin has qt5 as a dependency If qt5 not already installed You also need:

sudo apt install libqt5core*  libqt5widgets5*

Once working, there is a refresh icon that updates the filters.
Thanks for your help, but It only caused G'MIC... grayed out after these steps. Anyhow I found out how to enlarge mouth you want to work on. - Just enlarge your picture like from 500 to 1500 px and save it. And then select desired object (nose, mouth) and go to Iwarp tool.
Gimp gmic entry, bottom of the Filters menu ? grayed out ? The usual cause for that is 1) no image open 2) the image is indexed colour mode.

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