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Just saying hi
Hello folks

thought i would take the time to come and say hi and introduce myself

My names Neil and from the UK and have previously used photshop but couldn't afford it no more so decided to give gimp a try.

I used to make sigs and cool things with ps so am hoping to learn all new things with gimp

is there anything i need like plugins etc that will help in future and wheres best place to look to learn things

thanks in advance
neil x
(09-21-2019, 04:21 PM)saltyboy Wrote: is there anything i need like plugins etc that will help in future and wheres best place to look to learn things

For plugins it all depends on what is your main editing objectives (obviously) Editing photographs will be a different approach to say creating pixel-graphics.

A good starting place is the gmic_gimp plugin from Install and update and there are 500+ filters of all sorts. Even if you only use one or two of the filters still worth while. 

Otherwise, get to know the basic capabilities of Gimp before anything else. There is plenty to learn.

Best place to look to learn things?  One problem is plenty of old tutorials around that do not quite fit with Gimp 2.10. Can be used if you 'read-between-the lines'. Some YT videos are over-long advertising ridden and not too good.

When you have a specific question, ask and someone will give advice.
cheers for advice much appreciated
I'm also just saying hi  Wink

...i already introduced myself in this thread, although i think i will do so here too. 
I've been using GIMP now for 5 or 6 years, although i had some previous limited experience with photoshop from college and growing up...

I mainly started using gimp to design icons and logos, and more recently stickers: ...some designs still need work...

and even more recently I've been trying my hand at pixel-art:;u=54841

I also have on occassion dabbled in audio-composition(not gimp related): ...credits to Koji Kondo, Matt Uelmen

...and I occasionally do some programming stuff too, although have sort of been on a hiatus(until recently):

...i'm definitely interested in lo-fi-type graphics. and i also enjoy ascii art... ⁽⁽‸‧₊⊹+✧*✩(♥ᴗ♥)✩*✧+⊹₊‧‸⁾⁾ 

p.s. can someone tell me how to get my profile pic to appear?(it said upload success)

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