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Launch Gimp Flatpak from terminal?
Actually, I got the Appimage working. Well, more precisely, it started working. I didn't do anything. I also am having issues with getting the Snap version to open/save to my other disk drive. I don't think anything will fit perfectly with what I want. I just want something that does as much as I need. I am testing Ubuntu 20.04 and it is so different from what I am used to.

Actually it is exciting and fun to mess with. I have to do more terminal stuff, which I don't mind, but In the end I may just go with Mint Mate.

Anyway, thanks for all the people that posted info here.

Yes the Appimage works and so do my important filters! Awesome. Even the Gmic-qt. I can also access my other hard drive. I think this is the best option. still hve the Snap. Maybe I will remove to save space
In the Ubuntu snap store gimp page, there is a permissions tab to fix the limitation for writing to mounted drives.

I've been testing Ubuntu 20.04 for the past few days. I love it. Any issue I have are hardly unique to me and solutions are easy to find.

I am using Snap for Gimp, Blender, and Krita. My testing is still early, but I think I am converting to the Ubuntu system.

I haven't been this happy since I first started using linux-based OS's. I used to use Mint instead of Ubuntu because of Unity, but now Unity is gone. I think both Ubuntu and Mint are great for casual Linux users like me.

I feel like I have a brand new computer.  Anyway, I know there isn't any useful info in this post, but I just wanted to express my new-found love of Ubuntu.

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