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Launcher for gimp
I have a launcher icon for gimp for my ubuntu system. One day I used script-fu windows in gimp. Then the launcher icon was overlapped together. That's all fine.

After the first use of script-fu windows in gimp, there is no turning back to normal gimp launcher icon. It indicates "script-fu" not gimp itself. So when I click the launcher gimp won't start, of course I restarted my pc.

I registered a new gimp launcher, but it doesn't resolve the issue.
What should I do to fix this unusual issue?
I do not understand the script-fu bit. Were you using the script-fu console?

First thing to check is the Gimp .desktop file.

Can be two places.

1. Check in /usr/share/applications - this the desktop that from when Gimp is installed.

Should look like this and Exec=gimp-2.8 %U

2. If you make your own launcher there should be a .desktop file in your home folder ~/.local/share/applications

much simpler and you should be pointing it to the gimp symbolic link (to the gimp binary). ' Exec=/usr/bin/gimp

If you have those then must be something else, maybe accidentally set up an association.
this is what looks like when mouse cursor is hover over the gimp launcher even though I'm not using script-fu console at all.
Can you find the relevant desktop files as indicated in my last post.

Copy them, zip them, post them here.
Here it is. The attachment is not allowed. So I pasted the content here. The content of /usr/share/applications/gimp.desktop is that

[Desktop Entry]
Name=GIMP Image Editor
GenericName=Image Editor
Comment=Create images and edit photographs
Exec=gimp-2.8 %U
Quote:Here it is. The attachment is not allowed. So I pasted the content here. The content of /usr/share/applications/gimp.desktop is that

This is a graphics forum so mostly graphics file formats only permitted. Anything else, zip them and attach them.

That gimp.desktop file looks ok to me. Gimp 2.8.16 standard Ubuntu 16.04 version. This shows in your menuing system and starts Gimp. That works or not?

What you are looking for is an icon on your desktop - is that correct. Try copying the gimp.desktop file to your home ~/Desktop folder

That works for most Linux desktop managers (but not KDE5 which uses widgets) I do not have a regular ubuntu around at the moment but as you see the .desktop format is text and can be easily edited (for example, change the icon)
I'm not looking for icon.

When I click the icon the gimp doesn't start cause as you can see the icon says "script-fu".
(05-19-2018, 01:07 AM)gimp-artist Wrote: I'm not looking for icon.

When I click the icon the gimp doesn't start cause as you can see the icon says "script-fu".

I know you are not looking for an icon. You are looking for a shortcut (a launcher) for Gimp that appears on the desktop as an icon. 

Have a look in your home folder ~/Desktop folder. Does it contain any .desktop files? Is there a gimp.desktop files there?

Did you try as I suggested before, copy your gimp.desktop file to your ~/Desktop folder?

I would love to know what you were doing to to get to this state. Trying to run script-fu outside of Gimp perhaps?
I pasted gimp.desktop to ~/Desktop. It is working, but this is on the Desktop folder as I pasted in it. I want a launcher without Desktop shorcut like before the bug occured. Do I have to reinstall gimp?
I deleted gimp-2_8.desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications, and put the /usr/share/applications/gimp.desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications folder. Now all works fine.

Thanks for the information I can manipulate files to resolve the issue.

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