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Lightbulb moment
No idea if this has been mentioned before or not. Could you put all the solved questions under another topic so people can look there first - like a FAQ or something?

There is absolutely no support to mark questions as "solved" in the forum software, so this would be a totally manual process both for the person asking the question (who has to mark it as solved) and some admin (to move the thread afterwards).

There are over 5000 threads here, so even if 30% were marked answered you would have to check over 1000 threads which would not be very doable (try finding a specific tutorial in the tutorials section, that has only 119 entries). So you would need a search tool anyway, and coincidentally there is a "Search" field near the top of the home page to see if the question exists (even if not marked answered).
I usually go for a web search rather than the forum search tool and that applies to other forums as well.

for example, try a search for path gradient in the forum search

then if you are using Google or DuckDuckGo

path gradient
Thanks ofnuts. I was referring to my question that was solved earlier as well and I couldn't see that I could mark it as solved either. Yes it would be a big job for anyone.


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