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Looking for brush menu management tips
(11-06-2019, 08:10 PM)rich2005 Wrote: Oops, wrong copy/paste  warning it is 14 minutes long and very slow.

In the video, around 8:38, you deleted the pluginrc file.  Confused
Did not understand why this?
In the portable version should I also remove this file?  Huh

Ofnuts could well have created the empty storage folders and made it available with py in a zip.    
I got tired just seeing the folders being created one by one. Wink
ok, I will try to install this.

PS: In addition to brushes, patterns, gradients, paletts, etc. Does this addon also work with plugins? (plugins_storage)?

Edit: I read, didn't understand. I will just delete it.
Gimp updates the registration data for the plugins only when it notices a new plugin executable, or when an already registered executable changes (according to the file change date). Changing the menu-related configuration items above requires Gimp to update its registration data, but since the plugin file hasn't changed it won't notice it.
You can force Gimp to re-acquire the registration data using one the three methods below:
  • Editing the 'pluginrc' file in the Gimp profile, locating the line starting with '(plug-in-def' that bears the plugin file name, and delete the file contents from that line up to and not including the next '(plug-in-def'.Deleting the pluginrc file, but this makes Gimp re-run all the plugins for registration the next time it starts.Renaming the plugin file. Gimp will delete the registration data obtained under its previous name, and make that new plugin register itself.
I installed the add-on, created the name_storage folders, and I'm making sure everything is ok slowly.
Why is this .gpl (palette) file not loaded by the add-on?
It appears in the Palettes sets manager window, I select it, click ok .... and nothing happens.
First the pluginrc question. Plugin settings are held there. Sometimes these become out-dated or not amended. Delete the pluginrc file and force Gimp to rescan the installed plugins.
The addon plugin actually goes back a long way, was a set of separate plugins, eventually combined to the one from Ofnuts.

The palettes still looking for .pal files which are now .gpl files Wink . The plugin should be updated to reflect that. In case you are stuck with basic windows tools (ie. almost non-existent) modified plugin attached. Line 115 changed as;


Then the palette format. It is a collection manager. Best used with collections in folders. A zip file is considered a folder so zip your single palette. What works.


Note: the plugin keeps track of what is active / not active in a file .active in the appropriate xxx_storage folder. If you have scrambled adding / removing, delete that file and let the plugin make a new one.

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I followed your instructions.
I removed the pluginrc file;
I deleted the .Active file
I compressed the GPL file
I updated the Addon and ... voila!  Big Grin

Thank you very much!
While following a tutorial (from OMG) that uses gradients with the .svg extension, I noticed that these gradients didn't show up in the gradient dialog.

When testing the same gradient through the user's folder instead of through the Addon-Manager, it started to be displayed.

So I made a change to the plugin code, like what Rich2005 taught in post #13, only this time instead of including .gpl .GPL, I added .svg .SVG for the gradient extensions and voilà!

Now the .svg gradient is displayed in the gradient dialog when used via the Addon-Manager.!

Thx Rich2005!
No point changing the code, this is what the config file is meant for....
I think one of the problems is the download for the plugin is here:
The information about the config file is here: and not many users get that far.
Will repackage if/when I get time Smile Any important change to suggest, besides adding some uppercase extensions?
No, It works very well, I have been using since originally came out. I run it with a config file and put everything in the tools menu. Invaluable for those infrequently used script-fu's.


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