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Looking for script for raw/unusual image data
Hi. Once in a while I dabble in game modifications, which invariably means texture or sprite editing, usually with very specific tools for very specific file and/or compression types. For the most part I can work out the kinks in files, which can have a single image split into pieces or various images placed inside the same file, but sometimes I come across image formatting which that makes edition tricky.

Recently I came across a game I would like to modify but its image structure - at least when viewed from programs normally used for editing this kind of thing - limits functionality. Pictured below is the image data, partially seen from two different programs:

[Image: 1.png]
(Seen through a program called Tile Molester)

[Image: 2.png]
(Seen through a program called Texture Finder v2.1)

The image, at least according to the first program, uses 2 Dimensional tiling @ 16bpp RGB modes (it can also be seen at 15bpp). The first program allows editing while the second one doesn't. It is possible with the first one to export as, say, *.png and edit the image through other means, but importing doesn't always work as it can corrupt alpha channels and palettes. And directly editing an image, or series of images like this through the program is a chore.

Further, this one lacks any kind of header, making it harder for some programs to recognize it.

I'd like to know if there is any kind of GIMP extension that would open raw data from a file which definitely contains one or several images inside it, while at the same time preserving the integrity of its palettes and alpha channels.

Thanks in advance Smile

PS: I'm including a link to the file (the forums won't let me attach it) if anyone wants to look into its structure, since the game has multiple files/images like this:

If you download the file above, you can run it through this site and see it in full, along with getting an idea of how it's structured.
Playing with this on-and-off from last night. Script or no-script, in my opinion not going to work with Gimp

Import is a problem with Gimp 2.10 It looks like the RAW (data) plugin is missing or does not work

Gimp 2.8 will import your file. For Gimp 2.10 you can 'steal' the 2.8 plugin or just use Gimp 2.8.

Looks like this: You can see that the colours are not as your on-line conversion and to get an image, the width is half.

Tried a few ways to change the palette without success. Scaling horizontally with interpolation none, gets this.

Not many Game designers get here but who knows one might come along. Might help if you say which game it is from.
Hi! This is an old Sega game, ManxTT Superbike. In any case, I believe I found a better way to load and edit the image through the program I mentioned earlier, by selecting an appropriate pixel depth and displaying the image by a specific number of columns - this last options actually lets me rearrange how the tiles are shown which, while still not an ideal setup, helps much more.

Thank you for your help Smile

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