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Looking to change comic pencils to black linework...or close to it to work with it!
Hi all, first post here nice to meet you all, have a question for you.

I received some comic book pencils back from an artist and they are detailed and super complete looking. My question is can someone point me in the direction of a parameter to adjust to turn the pencils to black linework!?? I know this wouldn't be perfect as traditional comic inking by any shot, but is there something someone can think of, probably within the colors section? to adjust to darken the pencil linework to black? 
I am screentoning the daylights out of the artwork afterwards but the pencil work is so complete and detailed that I think it would be a shame to traditionally ink over all the details, so hoping someone can aim me in the direction to darken the pencils to black, thanks!!!!

Maybe this can help you : Colours / Desaturate / Mono Mixer.
Try out the different sliders.
Ok, thanks!!! I'll try it

Thanks but it didn't produce the desired effect but I got results of the penciled linework colored in black point with Adjust Color Levels. Does anyone have any good ideas or references on making adjustments using Adjust Color Levels, specifically to darken the lines of the art, thanks!!! Super appreciated.
An example would be a good start to help you with a solution.

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