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Make an animation from a video
To put this in Other graphics software or not... The ultimate object is to use the result in is a tip

A sometimes asked question is: How to convert a video - something.avi / .mp4 - to individual images in order to make an animated gif.

A common reply is use the Gimp plugin GAP. The video extractor in GAP sometimes fails on modern video formats so here is an alternative using a command line application FFMPEG. 

Linux users can easily install FFMPEG, for Windows users, a convenient way is by installing Imagemagick which comes with FFMEG.

If you do not want to watch the video explanation which has a bit more detail, the basic command is; 

ffmpeg -i inputfile.avi -f image2 imagename-%07d.png

To see how to reduce the number of frames and a demo, the video is; duration 4.5 minutes


Handy way to reduce the number of frames there.. that will prove useful, thanks.

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