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Make node a cusp
Hello all!  Smile A simple question, sorry if this is a replay on the forum. How to make a node in a contour cusp, keeping the other angles? (in the photoshop i use left click+ctrl by node) Example in inskape.
[Image: c1aFDAY.png]
I'm not quite sure which node you are referring to, or what you mean by cusp (Inkscape has corner, smooth, symmetric - not cusp).

Maybe this will help:
As far as I know there is no automatic way of locating a cusp, however to make a node, ctrl-click on the path.

[Image: g5NRsCy.jpg]

To keep angles equal, collapse the handles, shift-click on the node.

[Image: vf2wOBS.jpg]
For example in inkscape video, I thought that it is possible when you add new value of angle in path. But your solution is also excellent! Thank you all!

You can make a sharp corner after dragging curves in Inkscape, when you hold down 'Shift + L' (which is a bit of a fingerbreaker on german keyboard layout).

I guess a way of doing this in Gimp is dragging the curve, then grab the handle thats closest to the direction you want to continue, push it into the node and continue making the corner.

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