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Making the Export more user friendly
If I am not mistaken, when using the Export feature it is currently impossible to:

A] make the option Show All Files always be selected

B] make the Select File Type option always be selected thus unfolded - and hence revealing all possible file formats without a need for clicking to see their list

C] make it remember the last manually chosen file format so that it would not have to be re-selected when repeating Export tasks

D] choose a default file format that would be applied to the first Export job every time when GIMP is [re]opened

E] increase vertical size of that shown sub-window holding the list of file formats

F] increase horizontal size of Places and Preview sub-windows areas


If yes - then I would like to suggest making according changes to GIMP for implementation of the above options
I could ask why you wanted those changes but it is irrelevant.

There are no Gimp developers on this forum who might consider the change.

The place to propose enhancements is
The dialog is a GTK FileChooser, and as such it can be customized via the gtkrc file in the theme (but since it it the obsolete GTK2, documentaiton is hard to find), but A, B, E, F would be handled there.

[D] is already there: Preferences ➤ Image import & Export ➤ Export file type ➤ Default export file type

No idea for [C], but I see plenty of good reasons to not do it...
(05-14-2023, 01:54 PM)Ofnuts Wrote: [D] is already there: Preferences ➤ Image import & Export ➤ Export file type ➤ Default export file type

I think that this is not quite right. The default export file type is only used when a new file has been created or an xcf file opened. When a supported file type (other than xcf) is opened then that same file type is offered when exporting. There is a merge request ( that has a milestone of 2.99.16 (but don't hold your breath it has had it's milestone bumped a number of times) that provides an option for the user to always offer the selected default file type even when the input file type is known (useful. for instance, if you have a number of tiff files that you want to process and then save to a different format (e.g. jpg)).

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