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Missing toggle on Dodge/Burn tool in 2.12
In previous versions of GIMP, I've been able to toggle between dodging and burning with the down arrow by Mode at the top of Tool Options. Since upgrading to 2.12 the entire Mode line is grayed out and the arrow does nothing. I'm stuck in Dodge mode. All other functions perform normally.

If this is a bug, how do I report it?
You are referring to the Dodge/Burn Tool as in the subject line - is that correct ?

That mode option was grayed out in Gimp 2.8 and still is in Gimp 2.10. The only paint tools that use mode are:

quote...the Pencil, Paintbrush, Airbrush, Ink, and Clone tools. For the other paint tools, the option appears for the sake of consistency but is always grayed out..unquote

If it was active in some prior Gimp 2.10 then I missed that (not a tool I ever use, so easy to miss) but it is back to normal now.

Quote:I'm stuck in Dodge mode. All other functions perform normally...

Ctrl toggles between dodge and burn - tells you bottom of the Gimp window or you can use the radio buttons in the tools options. Are these working?

...or is it some other tool that is the problem?
Well, by golly, I do see that instruction in tiny white print at the bottom of the window. Memory has not served me well, but it's not the first time for that. Maybe I have too many apps from the past muddled in, but that's not an obvious place to park tool option instructions. Also, I did not have Tool Options fully extended and did not see those radio buttons. Anyway, thanks for clearing that up!

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