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Moving Layer Groups
Hi there,
I wanted to know if I can move layer groups or do I gave to move every layer in it explicit?

Thanks Heart
You can move the layer group. All the layers within the group will move.

Another way if the layers are not in a layer group. In the layers dialogue there is a Chain icon for each layer. Not visible by default, it is just to the right of the eye icon. Chain all the layers you want to move and they will move together.

Best is to experiment. If something doesn't behave the way you want it to you can use Edit > Undo or Ctrl-Z
No good copying and pasting unless you want the layer group flattened. (edit: not quite true because you can copy then paste as a new layer which preserves the group)

You can drop-n-drag from one image to another. Make sure you have Gimp set up in a sensible manner with tabs showing (or use multiwindow mode)

(1) Does not matter if the group is collapsed or expanded. Click on the layer group in the layers dialogue. Drag to the destination tab.


(2) Continue the drag into the now active image. Let go when the icon is in the canvas.


In multi-window mode, just drag the group into the other image window.

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