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Multi colour icons
While Inkscape 1.0 supports multicolour icons, it is not accepting mine which I created as per

It is all black even though the icon has 2 colours


I think it needs

Quote:Add a color class to all paths, or unset the fill. If no class is set, the default class .base will be used.

I could be wrong. I am puzzled. Any idea on how to proceed will be great.
My advice, same as anything, do not be too ambitious initially, get one thing working and work your way up.

I have not even looked at Inkscape themes before your post Smile

I can get using Inkscape 1 (appimage, kubuntu 18.04)
1) A stock theme look like this: Not keen on two of the defined colours, and one of the icons
2) Edited the highlights.css file as Inkscape doc. Found the pointer icon (tool-pointer-symbolic.svg) and edited that.

The usual precautions. You should be editing the files in the Inkscape profile ~/.config/Inkscape/icons/renamed-new-theme/ so even when screwed up no real damage done.
Even then, not a bad idea to copy an icon file to another folder and rename the original as a backup (something.svg.bak)

3) With the new icon in place and the new theme selected. So it is possible, new icon and using the colours specified.
My guess. The icon svg files are not quite the same as your made-from-scratch.svg icon. As far as I can see you are stuck with the 4 defined colours. The svg has a section for that. Still using the Inkscape defaults, presumably the use highlights.css overrides.

What I would try first. Get one of the existing icons, copy paste your new icon into it and check/hope the original icon properties remain when it is saved.
Thanks Smile

I was trying to add colours to the existing one. Currently, it allows changing the base colour. I wanted to modify 2 tones. Somehow, with trial and error, I got it working. Now I have 3 dual tone themes.  Green, Orange and Yellow. I like the green one the most.


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