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My text size default is massive
Hi there Gimp Forum I have a new issue that I hope somebody on here can solve. My text size default is 2164 and its doing my nut in. Is this a bug in Gimp or can it be rectified in the setting.I've had a look and I see no option for this. I've added an attachment.


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Set it (and everything else(*)) as you wish, then got to Edit>Preference>Tool options, and click Save tool options now.

(*) which means:

- options in all tools
- current FG/BG colors, pattern, gradient, brush...
- current active tool
The text is sized in inches, change that to pixels (px) in the tool options and the size. The on canvas settings are for selected text.

The line spacing is a bit suspect and the text might be a little cramped 


Unless set up otherwise, Gimp saves the last settings used for the next start. Does the Gimp start with the monster text settings all the time? 

You should check in Edit -> Preferences -> Tool Options and click on Reset Saved Tool Options to Default Values
Yeap and its getting bigger last time it was 1750 ish now its in the 2000's

All is well sorted it thanks very much...Till the next drama..

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