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Need gegl to build gimp, and can't build gegl
Esteemed Colleagues:

Readers of this forum know that I recently built gimp 2.10
from source, and it was a nightmare, but I did it.

Now -- apparently in search of suffering, for there can be
no other reason for trying to do this -- I am trying to build
gimp 2.10 from source again, for another operating system
that shares the same hardware (my laptop is a multiboot
machine, I have several operating systems installed on it).

Because gimp 2.10 has many dependencies that are newer
than the versions available thru my package manager -- or,
in some cases, not available at all thru my package manager
-- I have had to build those dependencies from source. Only
one unbuilt dependency now remains on this operating system,

I cannot build gegl on this operating system.  That, of course,
is surely not true, what I mean to say is that I have not figured
out how to build gegl on this operating system.  I turn to you,
esteemed colleagues, for help once again.  This is the error
message that I get, time and time again, no matter what -f
arguments I have given to the compiler (and I have tried

    operations/external/ In function import_exr(_GeglBuffer*, char const*, int)':
    /usr/local/src/gegl-0.4.26/build/../operations/external/exr-load.cpp:506: undefined reference to
Imf_2_1::Chromaticities::Chromaticities(Imath_2_2::Vec2<float> const&, Imath_2_2::Vec2<float> const&, Imath_2_2::Vec2<float> const&, Imath_2_2::Vec2<float> const&)'

This is at operation [481/750] of the ninja build.

Most likely this is a missing constructor that should have been
created from a template, but which the c++ compiler is failing
to create.  But templates have been around for a long time
(31 years, in fact -- I remember when Bjarne Stroustrup
announced them in the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming;
but I digress) and I am using gcc 9.2.0.  Surely by gcc 9.2.0
the g++ compiler has managed to get templates right.  So
what is going on?  I suppose I could build clang from scratch
and then try to build gegl with clang++, but I am certain that
this is not a compiler problem.  And yet, this same version
of gegl has been successfully built before.  So why can I not
build it on this operating system?  What do I have to do?
As always, I thank you in advance for any and all replies.

    jay at m5 dot chicago dot il dot us

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Need gegl to build gimp, and can't build gegl - by shachter - 09-08-2020, 03:41 AM

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