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Need help changing photo-cant make this work
Im hoping someone can help me. I have a color photo I need to turn into a coloring book page.
Im using gimp 2.10.14
I have tried everything I can find about doing this with older versions of gimp but when I use those directions they don't work as the menu has changed. There doesn't seem to be any documentation on how to do this in this version. Can anyone do me a favor and walk me thru this? When I try it the old way I just wind up with black and white blobs. 

I am starting with a color photo that is a jpg.
I turn it into greyscale.
I need to make a duplicate to work on.

now what? It needs to wind up a lined pic suitable to use as a coloring page.

Thanks so much!
Try on a color photo  'Filters / Artistic / Photocopy' and use 'Colour / Curves' or 'Colour / Levels' to finetune. 

There is another way to get a BW drawing to color : 

- load the photo
- copy the layer ( name it BW)
- Colours / Desaturate / Desaturate
- copy the layer BW (name it INVERT)
- invert the INVERT layer : Colours / Invert
- set the layer mode on the INVERT layer to 'Hard Mix'
- on the layer INVERT : Filters / Blur / Gaussian Blur (value 3 or 4)
- merge the layer INVERT down withe the layer BW
- delete the photo layer
- use the curves / levels to finetune the result
- use Colours / Brightness-Contrast to finetune more 

One remark : I can't use the curve / levels on the result picture. I have to export it to a .jpg file and then load this file back in Gimp. A bug in Gimp 2.10.14 (windows 10) ????? or do I miss something ??????

No curve ? I think it is because that part of the procedure the  image is black / white.


For a colouring book ? Image choice is going to be important. For me the cat, while a lovely subject is a bit too 'busy'.

Might be better leaving the background as is, simplify down to outlines, some handwork perhaps. Needs more time devoted to it Wink
Ok rich2005, I've zoomed in on the picture and there was only pure black and white. Learned something again.
What I want to do was to get rid of some 'noise' pixels to make the picture more clean to color in (I know, it's not the best photo to convert to a drawing).
I've blurred the result to get some grey and then used the curve tool, result :


rich2005, thank you for the clarification
theweblady has posted an image of the cat on

A larger image, easier to tweak but I think needs a different edge detect than Gimp provides. Using the gimp_gmic plugin. Get it from  The windows installer works very well. @theweblady There is a MacOSX version there as well, but when it comes to OSX you lose me Smile

I might do it something like:
(1) Make it lighter, Colors -> Levels and reduce the max value
(2) Desaturate the image Colors -> Desaturate -> Desaturate


This is where I deviate from basics and use the gmic plugin.
(3) In gmic contours -> edges with small-ish values. (please experiment, nothing ever set in stone) The preview does not look promising but with a larger image.
(4) Gives this, which I think is more colouring book style...but all depends on the image used, some will be easier than others.

Thank you so much!
They look wonderful!
I feel like there is actually a chance that I can make this work-
I cannot thank you all enough for all your hard work and advice-
Gimp is challenging but I think with the help I have received that I might be able to do this-

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