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Need help utilizing a Wacom Intuos

first a short introduction to myself: i am a retired photographer and have changed to Linux (Debian 12) using darktable and gimp. Everything works well with one exception: i can't configure my graphics tablet to better support my workflow.

So, first the facts: Debian 12 with Gnome, Gimp 2.10.34, Wacom Intuos Pro Small (PTH-451)

I want to utilize the keys and the wheel while using Gimp, but looking at Input Devices the Options available are xwayland-tablet-cursor/eraser/pad/stylus , but no options to use the keys or the wheel. Pushing the Wheel Button it says : Wacom Intuos Pro and that's it

As there is no Driver or support from Wacom i am just wondering how to utilize these functions.

Thank you all in advance for any help


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