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New Here
Hi All,

I didn't know the older forum was closed so after reading the Pat David's blog I ran here to register myself, however I didn't get this part of your terms:

Quote:The admins do their best to keep this forum fit for all ages, but, due to their European culture, they can come across as rather laid-back on some subjects and tight-fisted on others

I am Italian... So what does it mean?

Probably in the intention of the person who wrote this sentence was to use an ironic tone but honestly it seems quite discriminatory in several ways.

I suggest you to review the tone of this sentence because it is totally against yours final statement:

Quote:We try to manage this forum as sensible adults, we expect members to be the same.


Discriminatory? How?

Otherwise, compare what you can see/hear on Italian TV (or French, or British, or German) during the prime time and what you can see on American TV on the same hours...
I used to live in Bristol UK and Toronto CA and now I am living in the US, I know very well what means discrimination as well as cultural differences and let me say it again: this sentence sounds discriminatory and might be misinterpreted in both ways.

However because the point 1 you have the last word, by the way mine was just a suggestion but as I raised up the issue you may consider to have a precautionary approach about it.

Friendly a GIMP supporter! Wink

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