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New laptop, can't get GIMP set up correctly
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Hi all, new here, first post. I'm running W11, and the latest GIMP version: 2.10.31 Rev 1.

I've been using GIMP for probably 10 years just for playing around, nothing really serious. I am completely self-taught, but for occasionally Googling or taking a peek at the manual. I've only learned what I had to learn to keep me going at the moment.

So I DLd the latest GIMP onto my new laptop and it was mostly okay, but I cannot get it arranged the way I used to have it, and the more I mess with it the worse it gets.

What I want is to get the toolbox anchored in the upper left corner, with the selected tool options anchored below it. And a year or so ago, quite by accident, I anchored the text selections in the upper right corner, which makes it much easier to use because it is much bigger.

Docking, Single Window Mode, yadda yadda, I can't figure out what I need and it's getting frustrating. I've been using Windows for 30 years and I know that what I need to do can be accomplished with a few clicks IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO CLICK AND WHAT THE DESCRIPTIONS MEAN. That's the problem.

At any rate, thanks for any help.
A new laptop. If it has a high definition display, it can be awkward, let us know.

For general information there is this:

For Windows, some users have problems dragging and dropping tabs into different positions, use the little drop down menu and arrange as required
A quick animation: both opens closes tabs and locks in position. You need to apply that lock to individual tabs (such as fonts), it is not universal.

I you like old style settings, there are options in Edit -> Preferences
Tools Groups- untick for a Gimp 2.8 layout: although I advise using the groups.
Old style (wide) sliders:
Themes, and I hate the default black theme:
Icon style and size:

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