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Newbe Again! - doing text outline
I last used Gimp back on 2.8 and it appears that I have to start all over on 2.10. 

All I was trying to do was outline some text, but nothing appears to work.  I was doing it easy enough with 2.8 before, but now I'm stumped on 2.10.

I have gone through several videos doing each one, trying different things and nothing creates the outline. 

It tells me to create the new layer and instead of creating it for only the text field, it creates it for the entire image file.  I tried using duplicate layer and then grow, but even that doesn't work.  The duplicate layer is created and it grows, but when I select it and attempt to fill that it only fills the existing text, not the grown area.

I tried searching for 2.10 help but nothing of detail and can't do a file search.

Can someone please point me in the right direction of where to get the correct instructions. 

There is not that much difference between Gimp 2.8 and Gimp 2.10. 2.10 can be easier with filters acting directly on the canvas.

All sorts of ways for outlining text, however the method you referenced, growing a selection, you do need a larger layer, the text layer will probably crop one side of a expanded selection.


1. Make that new layer Layer -> New layer or use the icon in the layer dialogue.
2. Enter the text which is over the previous layer. Remember that you might have to increase the spacing of the characters for effect.
3. Make the selection. Layer -> Transparency -> Alpha to selection


4. Now back to that empty layer.
5. Select -> Grow to increase the size of the selection.
6. Fill the selection with some colour, bucket fill or just click-drag the colour swatch into the canvas. (or paint it or fill with a gradient or ...all sorts of effect)

Now you can kill the selection Select -> None

Once you get into using Gimp you find other ways of outlining text -> using paths and better work procedures, keeping all in a layer group for example.

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