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Newbie Layer Question
I am trying to change the color of a pair of white shoes in GIMP before I actually do it in real life. 

I have looked at several videos on youtube and searched this forum as well and haventh been able to find my answer.

I am trying to change the color by using the new layer option. However when I got to color the section of the shoe it doesnt show it applying. I can see what I have done by looking at the new layer with the checkered background but the color isnt applying to the actual image.

Any help would be appreciated.
From your description it is difficult to tell exactly what you are doing. For example, are the shoes on a transparent background or on a plain, uniform background (eg white)? A screenshot showing this and your layers would help.

But something to try:
1. Create a new transparent layer above the shoes.

2. On this new layer paint with a solid colour (eg red) over the shoes.

3. For this new layer play with the layer modes. These can be found in the layers dialogue and the default is Normal. Put your mouse pointer on Normal and scroll with the wheel on your mouse. The layer mode changes and the reslult can be seen on screen.

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