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Newbie Needing Help with Text to Path
Hi everyone, I have just started using GIMP 2.10 and I'm trying to send a design to POD vendor. They say to outline the font before sending it and I'm confused. I highlighted the text and selected "text to path." Now what? I see the outline if I select the path and it goes away if I deselect it. I need to export the file as PNG. Do I merge all visible layers and then export as PNG? Do I need to merge the paths also.  I have one file that I exported as PNG that shows the outline and one that doesn't. Neither of the mockups are showing the outline so I don't know which one is right or if any are right.

Can someone outline the steps to saving this file? Am I even outlining the font correctly? I've Googled and YouTube'd myself to death and can't find anything on this. Thank you for any help.
1) Select the text layer in the layers dialogue

2) Right click this layer in the layers dialogue and select Text To Path

3) In the paths dialogue make sure this path is active and visible

4) Create a new transparent layer. Make sure this layer is selected

5) Edit > Stroke Path Choose a width and colour

SAVE as .xcf   EXPORT as .jpg

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