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Newcastle Brown getting on my nerves
Testing my near-ready cylinder flattening script on some random bottles. Either there is a bug or the yellow rim has a varying thickness to visually compensate for the cylinder "compression". But then the medals aren't completely circular either. That bottle has been emptied and I didn't keep it so I'll have to fetch the other one tomorrow and take some measurements.


Btw, a bit disappointed by the taste. It was better in my memories. Also, label on back mentions sugar... They no longer do good beer up there?
Would not touch it with the proverbial barge-pole. It was never bitter, I knew a girl who worked in the (then) brewery lab and the head brewer (chemist) would throw in some stuff to 'adjust' the taste. Of course the brewery is long gone and brown ale is no longer made in Newcastle. (edit: apparently brewed in the Netherlands now and a completely different version made in the US.)

Plenty of decent small breweries around, look up Wylam Brewery + Palace of Arts Wink

I am sure your plugin is great but a real life situation. People who require a printable heat transfer logo for their company latte cups.

Printable heat transfer is the completely opposite problem.

It will only work if the mug is a cone, because it needs to be a developable surface.

The shape you want it a circle arc.

Wrap the mug with paper, and draw a pair of horizontal lines and a pair or vertical ones that delimit the logo:


Then spread out the paper:

  • You can see that the horizontal lines are now circle arcs, and the vertical sides are not parallel: yhey actually converge to the apex of the cone.
  • Using the height measurements and the corresponding circumferences of the mug/glass (here, 230mm@110mm (top of label) and 178mm@0mm (base of glass), you can compute the total height of the cone (376mm below the base of the glass). The same computation gives you its summit angle (4.3°). You can also try to find it with two long rulers, but it's easier to compute it from the circumferences/height.
  • A the top of the label the big circle has a circumference of 2*π*(110+376)=3057mm and since you want 84mm of it your label spans an arc of 84*360/3057=9.89°
If you start from a path, off the top of my head I can' tell if it should be done with my oft-text-along-path plugin (characters aren't distorted) or with the regular text-along-path thing. If this is a logo, you can try ofn-path-bend with an envelope that follow the top and bottom arcs. I also have an unpublished script that does the same as the text-along-path function, but  on any path.

Another way is to use Distort > Polar coordinates but this is going to be very painful.
Thanks, but I already have such a template from previous work. I might even still have a paper cone from one size. PITA different sizes of latte mug.

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