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Normalize function missing

I'm missing the normalize function, how can I find it? It's not in the colors > auto menu.

GIMP 2.10.2 on Linux Mint 18.

[Image: GHS1LYk.png]
It is there. Enter a / to start a search, and type n-o-r... and it will appear in the search results. Otherwise, the missing menu looks like bug. You are using the flatpak version?
Thank you very much!

I didn't know I could search like that. Yes, it is the flatpak version. I'll be re-installing it when I have time, and reporting back here. Thank you again!
Another of the old compiled plugins that for some reason do not show in the menu structure. From memory another is small-tiles

Depends how frequently it is used, search is not that inconvenient but to get it back in the menu, use the plugin from Gimp 2.8 and put that in the gimp profile ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins

This is a flatpak (kubuntu 16.04) with plugin (as attached, remember to un-zip it) 

[Image: RncGMAN.jpg]

Tried in various of the new modes, seems to be consistent.

If for whatever reason you do not have ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins in the plugin folder preferences, just add it (or any other location for your own user plugins)

[Image: pl9RXUk.jpg]

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Reported the problem:
I put the file there and it's working. Thank you rich2005 and thanks for reporting Ofnuts!

I'll still re-install when I can but this will do for now.

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