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Notes of Pain plugin for Gimp?
I was wondering if there was a plugin for Gimp similar to the Notes of Paint plugin for Photoshop by denis154. Or something on that end? Anyone know?

[Image: Paint_image_002.jpg]
Don't we love the typo in the thread title Smile
I did some research.
I found this page

I believe that the process can be easily reproduced by Gimp (without actions).

But in my head I don't remember any plug-in that has this effect.

Basically a musical worksheet in the background (note sheet), Some brushes with dynamic options enabled (color randon), and a selection of the part of the image to be highlighted.

I believe that a gradient should be created with the desired colors, and keep that gradient active when the brushes are applied.

In the case of PS, Action uses the Oil Paint filter, I don't think Gimp's Filter - Artistic - Oilify is similar, maybe some other filter (G'MIC?).

A quick try...

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Was hoping for a "shortcut" Tongue The "hard" way then.

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