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Ofnuts path tools
Are these all working in 2.10.4?
I noticed that one has been deprecated. Does that mean the others are ok?

Not tested them all methodically... but this part of Gimp hasn't changed much(*) and as far as I know all those I used still worked.

The "deprecated" script is the old version of text-along-path. The new version is an almost complete rewrite. I left the previous version in the "deprecated" section because it supports things for 2.6 (things that I can no longer support in 2.8/2.10). But to tell you how popular it is, it has been downloaded 11 times only since October 2017 (vs 843 for its replacement, and roughly 400 downloads/year during its lifespan).

(*) only extended the API, so at least one of my scripts is for 2.10 only.


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