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OpenCL not working - hardware acceleration
(02-11-2019, 07:57 AM)Ofnuts Wrote: Hard to tell for me also. A bug report mentions a --gegl-disable-opencl option (which would mean that the old "GEGL_ENABLE_OPENCL" variable is obsolete). I assume you have already set the Enable OpenCL in the preferences.

An old benchmark on Tom's Hardware explains that the effects aren't always visible. They used  a motion blur on a large picture to see something.

Yes, I have "Use OpenCL" enabled in the preferences.
Which bug are you referring to specifically?

Today I found two new resources with people claiming OpenCL may not be that noticeably beneficial right now.

Quote:until there's
OpenCL coverage for all the operations that are used it's not going to
have the expected performance boost due to memory transfers between
the CPU and GPU. In fact, today, for many cases using the GPU is
measurably, sometimes significantly so, slower than the CPU.


Quote:The wiki is back up and running. I tested the Alien Map function on my 6000x4000 16-bit image, since according to the wiki, Alien Map uses open CL.
Again, it was slower with Open CL enabled. (10.2 seconds with Open CL enabled, 9.3 seconds with it disabled). I have 16 GB of RAM, by the way, and not using any swap space, if that matters.
Note that I’m not actually applying the changes, just previewing them, then removing the preview to time it to go back to normal.
Based on
I used Stretch Contrast to test this. The result is: OpenCL is slower by ~20% on a 21 MP image, 8-bit precision.


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