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Out of gamut
Quote:It's a printing service. they request sRGB. I've been researching and some say that the RGB>CMYK>back to RBG is a no-no.

I would say that is a very fair comment. I have not even heard of it before, but it will be one way of getting something into Gimp that might resemble the printed image.

Quote:Since I used a lot of saturation in editing, I'm assuming that the gamut problem is with these colors (?). If I print them as they are, will a green, say, be green but not as saturated as I see on the monitor?

Back to:
quote.. Some RGB colors that you can see on your monitor (in particular, blue, green and all bright vibrant colors) cannot be printed and/or replicated with standard CMYK inks. Keep in mind that, when creating a file for print, you should always make the original file in CMYK color mode before starting to work on it...unquote.

Unless you have a properly calibrated monitor and software to use it, Gimp 2.8 might be a little dubious there, it will be a bit of trial and error.

Some printing services (not many) will send a standard printed test image + the image file so you can compare.

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