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Overlay issue on map image

I am following a tutorial (link below) on creating a fantasy map.. The chap in the tutorial is using Photoshop but says this stuff should work with GIMP.. Alas it's not. 

The tutorial is here. (note he has better drawing skills than me) Smile}}

Under the heading "Block in the bulk shadows" he says.. 

"Create a new layer and set the blend mode to overlay. I then pick a hard round brush with size set to around 20-30px, and opacity set to pressure sensitive. This means that if I press lightly, I get an almost transparent line, if I press hard, I get a deep opaque black. Oh, and set the brush colour to black.

I do this.. 

When he does this is paint brush makes the area behind a forest darker. It makes the brown background look darker there. 

[Image: FpkKBYM.jpg]

When I do it, it paints shades of black on the image. 

Bound to be something obvious I am missing here. But I sure could use some help here. 

[Image: eLmrOid.jpg]
Your layer is in "Normal" mode, not "Overlay".
Top right.. Mode -> Overlay

Where does it say 'Normal"?

Apologies.. I think this was a PICNIC... Problem in Chair, Not in Computer. When I used my Wacom pen to add the overlay blackness, gently, with a fuzzy brush and 40% opactity, it did a nice shadow effect over the forest.. Does look like his but this will work when I add an HSL Color layer to the forest later.
And yes, my LAYER was in normal mode.
Just my tupppence worth:  Vary rarely a PS procedure works out-of-the-box. Best thing is use it as a concept, look at the result and ways to get there in Gimp.  My first try.


1. Before anything else , make sure that the stylus is set up for pressure-opacity.
2. You need Dynamics -> Pressure Opacity on for that to work. You are showing Basic / (dynamics off) as screenshot.
3. Try all the layer modes. If you hover the mouse over the 'Mode' the scroll wheel quickly cycles through the types. Burn in this case seems to work best.
4. I would keep the brush mode to 'Normal' but reduce the brush opacity to suit.

Anything else: 
Have a look at the order of your layers, Fill under your outline, But add shading over the fill. For complex images consider using layer groups.
Also, have a look at the mypaint brushes, some of those good for overlays.

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